Map of Kirkuk, Iraq

Kirkuk – A Contested City in Northern Iraq

October 15, 2017 SOF News 0

Kirkuk is a Contested City and Province. The Iraqi Kurds claim that the city of Kirkuk has traditionally been a part of Kurdistan. The central government of Iraq says otherwise. Kirkuk is important because of its territory as well as […]

Kurdistan independence - Map of Kurdistan (derived from Central Intelligence Agency map dated 1986)

Kurdistan Independence – A Regional Flashpoint

October 4, 2017 SOF News 0

Kurdistan Independence Referendum. Independence in the Middle East has been an elusive dream for many Kurds. The Kurds of Iraq believe the time has come to pursue the establishment of an independent state for the Kurdish people. The overwhelming majority […]

ARSOF Soldiers fastroping from a CV-22. (Photo credit USASOC 20170511)

Special Operations News Update – 20170623

June 23, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF Update 20170623 – Updated C-130J-SOF, U.S. SOF and Nepal Rangers training exercise, the special relationship between the Kurds and U.S. Special Forces, new HQs building for USACAPOC, AFSOC flight surgeon receives award, Afghan Commando School gets visit, Navy SEALs […]

General Dunford in Turkey. DoD photo by D. Myles Cullen, Nov 6, 2016.

Middle East Conflict Update – 20161109

November 9, 2016 SOF News 0

News on the Middle East 20161109 – Civil war in Syria, U.S. deal with Turkey on fighting ISIS in Syria, SDF announces Raqqa offensive, US Apache Gunships, ‘Hearts and Minds’ of Mosul, counter-drone operations, defining military success in Iraq, and […]

Parachutist gathers his parachute after airborne operation. (Photo by PFC James Dutkavich, Sep 12, 2016)

Military News Update by SOF News

September 22, 2016 SOF News 0

Military News – Females to take boxing at West Point, how to rebuild Mosul after the ISIS, to fix Syria look to Afghanistan, arming the Kurds, and more. West Point Boxing – Women Required to Participate. Female cadets in their […]