JTAC training video

JTAC Training Video – National Training Center

March 13, 2018 SOF News 0

JTAC Training Video – Joint Terminal Attack Controllers of the U.S. Air Force are qualified to direct the action of combat aircraft engaged in close air support and other offensive air operations. The National Training Center (NTC) provides JTACs the […]

SFAB video - security force assistance brigades

SFAB Video – Security Force Assistance Brigades of U.S. Army

March 11, 2018 SOF News 0

SFAB Video. The Security Force Assistance Brigades of the U.S. Army are specialized conventional units built to train, advise, assist, accompany and enable our multinational partners. Watch this one-minute long video explaining the SFABs. (U.S. Army, March 11, 2018). www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlJdAzUxEL8

Special Forces HALO Jump

Video: Special Forces HALO Parachute Jump

March 5, 2018 SOF News 0

Watch a one-minute long video of members of the U.S. Army conduct a Special Forces HALO parachute jump from a helicopter. Video published March 2, 2018 by the U.S. Army posted on YouTube.com. www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXHn_sxmPMQ

Video Air Force Dive School in Florida trains up Airmen and other military personnel to become combat divers. (Photo Airman 1st Class Tybee Hurst, 30 Nov 2017).

Video – Air Force Dive School

December 1, 2017 SOF News 0

The United States Air Force runs a combat diving course for Airmen and members of other services. It operates similar (but different) to the U.S. Army’s Combat Diver School at Key West, Florida and the Navy SEALs/UDT dive course in […]

Video Mountain Operations - In this video members of the 10th Special Forces Group conduct mtn training. (U.S. Army, 1 August 2017).

Video Mountain Operations – 10th SFGA

November 20, 2017 SOF News 0

Video Mountain Operations. This short 2-minute long video provides some classic views of Soldiers from the 10th Special Forces Group conducting Mountain Operations training using helicopters, climbing walls, mountain ATVs, and – of course – real mountains. Special Forces Mountain […]

10th Special Forces Soldiers participate in Exercise Flaming Sword 2016 held in Lithuania in May 2016. (U.S. Army video).

10th SFGA and Exercise Flaming Sword 2016

November 17, 2017 SOF News 0

Video of exercise Flaming Sword 2016 starring Soldiers from the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). The 10th SFGA Green Berets are participating in a tactical scenario during Exercise Flaming Sword 2016 held in Lithuania. (U.S. Army video, 2016, 1 minute-long). […]

A MEDEVAC crew conducts training during exercise Southern Strike 2018 in Mississippi. (Photo from U.S. Army National Guard video by SPC Jovi Prevot, November 2, 2017).

Video – Southern Strike 2018

November 14, 2017 SOF News 0

Video – Southern Strike 2018. A large-scale, joint multi-national combat exercise incorporating various units from the special operations community is a vehicle for providing tactical level training for full spectrum conflict. The exercise was conducted in November 2017 in southern […]

ARSOF Value to the Nation

AUSA Video – ARSOF Value to the Nation

October 13, 2017 John Friberg 0

ARSOF Value to the Nation. The October 11, 2017 panel presentation and discussion entitled Army Special Operations Value to the Nation held during the AUSA annual exposition was extremely informative.  [1] The Association of the United States Army once again provided […]