Spooky 43 AC-130U Crew recognized for most meritorious flight of the year by Air Force (AFSOC, Aug 7, 2017

Special Operations News Update 20170810

August 10, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170810 – U.S. troops in Eastern Europe, “Spooky 43” crew (AC-130U) awarded for valor, Turkey and Syrian Kurdish fighters, fight for the districts in Afghanistan, Boba Fett SOF helmet, USMC Recon and JPADS, former Navy SEAL nominated […]

German Frogman (photo Bundeswehr, Andrea Bienert)

Special Operations News Update 20170807

August 7, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170807 – Interview of 75th Rgr Rgt Cdr, Navy lawyer accused of targeting SEALs, SAS’s electric bikes, France and G5 Sahel Force, new 919th SOW cdr, Det A in Berlin, Trump and his generals, naval ships threatened […]

Members of Afghanistan's CRU 222 are congratulated by Minister of Interior for their part in defeating an ISIS attempt to take over the Iraq Embassy in Kabul on 31 August 2017. (Resolute Support photo).

Special Operations News Update 20170804

August 4, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170804 – 2 KIA and 4 WIA in Afghanistan, Army Ranger now Under Secretary of the Army, life term for Jordanian soldier upheld, SIGAR report on Afghan HUMINT program, NSW’s CCA Mk. 1 stealth boat, Polish Special […]

1st SFGA Soldier ascends a ladder to board helicopter while conducting water operations training. (Photo by SGT Codie Mendenhall, July 25, 2017).

Special Operations News Update 20170803

August 3, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170803 – US SOF trains with Ukrainian counterparts, MC-130Js conduct FARP, JSOC is overused, CBS’ SEAL Team, CT strategy lacking, new WH CoS, Erik Prince and his Air Force, new GI Bill, USOCOM’s Technical Experimentation activities, losing Afghanistan, […]

House Speaker Paul Ryan practices CQB at Fort Campbell, Kentucky while visiting the 101st Airborne Division on July 10, 2017. (US Army photo by SPC Patrick Kirby).

Special Operations News Update 20170802

August 2, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170802 – Nigerian rescue attempt goes bad, behind the cancellation of the CIA covert program in Syria, SOF and civic action programs, B-52s and leaflet bombs, Gen Selva reconfirmed, video MoH ceremony, Afghan CRU in action, USSOCOM’s […]

LTG Webb, Cdr AFSOC, Visits Duke Field for briefings on Combat Aviation Advisors, Non-Standard Aviation assets, and SOF intiatives. (Photo by USAF TSgt Kenneth McCann, 26 July 2017).

Special Operations News Update 20170731

July 31, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170731 – 5 myths of future wars, contractors to fill SF role in Africa, 181st SOWT parachute jump, 30th anniversary of SF NCO Academy, Ukraine SOF, B-52s and psychological warfare, SF and Chevy Suburbans, SilentHawk motorbike, Army […]

SOF Range Firing

Special Operations News Update 20170727

July 27, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170727 – SOCOM stuck in Afghanistan, Romania’s Joint Special Operations (SOF) Headquarters, SF teammate describes Jordan attack, reforming foreign assistance, U.S. SOF and Raqqa, SOF fighting terror in Africa, 5th SFGA’s “Blue Light”, SOF and SFA, Ireland’s […]

Paratroopers Descending in Bulgaria. The 173rd Airborne Brigade trained with allies and partners during Operation Swift Response. (Photo by 173rd Airborne Brigade, July 18, 2017).

Special Operations News Update 20170725

July 25, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170725 – Recon Marines train w/ SF, NSW’s first transgender, Sacolick with K2, Aussie police & hi-tech gear, Air Commandos learn about Operation Anaconda, Ranger School or BUDs – which is tougher, fixing Afghan security forces, Afghan […]

Soldier with 5th SFGA demonstrates Australian Rappel at Boy Scout National Jamboree in West Virginia. (Photo by SSG Matt Britton, 22nd Mobile Public Affairs, US Army, July 21, 2017).

Special Operations News Update – 20170721

July 21, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170721 – AFSOC airmen train with MARSOC, female SEALs, foreign born recruits, NYPD CT unit, SOCOM RFI for body sensors, laser-armed C-130s, “Naked Warrior” – Navy SEAL monument, Jordanian murder trial, book review, UK SOF and the […]

Personnel from Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR) perform a high altitude low opening (HALO) parachute jump from a U.S. Army Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter at 12,000 feet in Stuttgart, Germany. (U.S. Army photo by SPC Jason Johnston, 18 Aug 2016).

Special Operations News Update – 20170720

July 20, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170720 – Iraq’s CTS, Taliban have SOF FN SCAR, Australian SAS and war crimes, Wahlberg and Luttrell team up in video, CIA program in Syria halted, SWOWF Golf Tournament, Turkey reveals SF locations in Syria, Australia’s SAS […]

A Jumpmaster signals "1 minute" warning during a paratroop drop over Australia during Exercise Talisman Saber 2017. (Photo by Tech Sgt Gregory Brook, USAF, July 12, 2017)

Special Operations News Update – 20170717

July 17, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170717 – Exercise Talisman Saber, new SEAL TV program, Navy ship for SOF forces, expanding the role of military contractors in Afghanistan, VATC’s Common Database Builder for SOF planning, SF medics, US SOF in Somalia strike again, […]

CCT team members train at Melrose Air Force Range, New Mexico. (photo credit USAF, 1st Class Airman Erika Engblom, November 11, 2012)

Special Operations News Update – 20170711

July 11, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170711 – C-130J-SOF, Rick Lamb in Ranger Hall of Fame, SOF operators and off-the-shelf tools, COL Jon Braga heading to CJTF-OIR, BG Bolduc retires, Philippine Army snipers, NSW PO is ‘Sailor of the Year’, how SOF teams […]

Night Raid by SOF (Image credit: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Michael B.W. Watkins, U.S. Navy)

Special Operations News Update – 20170710

July 10, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170710 – CoC for CSOR, SF NCO KIA Afghanistan recognized in ceremony, War College podcast about SOF in Afghanistan (and what they did wrong), video of Russian Mi-35 HIND, book review of Oppose Any Foe, former 5th SFGA […]

Paratroopers descending under canopy. (Photo source Fort Bragg, North Carolina, June 6, 2017)

Special Operations News Update – 20170706

July 6, 2017 SOF News 0

SOF News Update 20170706 – July 3rd casualty identified, ex-Green Beret on North Korea, SOF Medic Field Guide, IDF Special Forces vet designs rotary UAV with machine gun, Glock not happy with Modular Handgun System competition results, college to honor SSG […]


USSOCOM Commander’s Reading List 2017

July 5, 2017 John Friberg 0

Every year the commander of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) gins up a ‘Commander’s Reading List’. The current one for 2017 is now available. The USSOCOM Commander’s Reading List 2017 is posted online. The image below is from […]