Joint Special Operations University - JSOU publications

JSOU Publications – Good Reading for the SOF Operator

January 7, 2017 SOF News 0

JSOU Publications – for the intellectual special operations operator who is still out there on the ground and the former action guy (FAG) who now works on staff. The Joint Special Operations University or JSOU located at the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) at […]

Navy SEAL Foundation - Whole Warrior Health (photo from NSF website Nov 2016)

Video – Naval SEAL Foundation Whole Warrior Health

November 15, 2016 SOF News 0

The Navy SEAL Foundation is taking a leading role in the health of combat veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with its Whole Warrior Health program. The organization recently held a conference on this issue. The Navy SEAL Foundation Collective Impact Forum 2016 was held […]

Navy SEALs - photo form 2016 USSOCOM Factbook

SEALs Debate Combatives Program

July 31, 2016 SOF News 0

The U.S. Navy SEALs are debating which type of combatives training prepares them for hand-to-hand combat. Some favor the Close Quarter Defense (CQD) while others embrace the mixed-martial-arts (MMA) style. In 2011 the Navy Special Warfare Command (NSW) dropped the CQD program. Currently the SEALs […]