Waging Insurgent Warfare by Seth Jones

Book – Waging Insurgent Warfare by Seth Jones

November 1, 2016 SOF News 0

Seth G. Jones, of the RAND Corporation, has wrote a book entitled Waging Insurgent Warfare.¬†It is about the dynamics of insurgent groups. He taps into recent history and current events “to identify factors that contribute to the rise of an […]

SAS patrol during World War II in Africa (Creative Commons)

Book Review – “Rogue Heroes”

October 24, 2016 SOF News 0

Ben Macintyre, the author of bestselling books about espionage during World War II has penned a book entitled “Rogue Heroes”. The book is about the formation of the Special Air Service (SAS) during World War II. Roderick Bailey has penned […]